To Purchase the Expired Listing Academy Program

Before you purchase the Expired Listing Academy Program I encourage you to view the Webinar that explains why my approach is different, why it has been successful for me and agents across the country and why there is an alternative to cold calling. The link to the Webinar is:

If you are ready to purchase the Expired Listing Academy Program:




The cost for the entire Program is $495


The Expired Listing Academy Program is simple and

effective and it  gets prospective sellers calling you!

 The Complete Expired Listing Academy Program!



What you will receive electronically and immediately.

* The Expired Listings Walkthrough Video, that details the entire process.

* The Expired Listings Manual, the demonstrates how each part of the process occurs and the timeline for each action.

* All Campaign Letter Templates that show the actual wording of each mailing. Included are examples of handouts, flyers and brochures that allow you to customize your Campaign for your business and location.

* The Quick Start Expired Listings Printing Guide, to utilize your current office equipment efficiently.

* Staff Instruction and Delegation Guide, to effectively and efficiently direct staff in developing the Campaign

* The Expired Listing Campaign Tracker, so you can measure you actions and success.

* Special Additional Template Mailings, that reinforce your Campaign.

* And Support to help you be successful.



I look forward to having you join our group and together enhance our businesses and networks.

Celebrating your success


Laura Duggan

Broker/Owner of West Austin Properties